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    Few Questions from our side to Mr. Manish Bhangle..
    1. Lets start from who are you???
    Ans: am Ethical Hacker©(Govt of India) working with intelligence agencies and police of India. And I am misty shopper for India Government so I can write original Details and review about any product.
    Source: http://www.mouthshut.com/manishbhangale530
    2. Whats your Education?
    Ans: According to Media Sources and your interviews, you are 12th Passed only. But its MBA mentioned on all internet profile.
    Source: http://www.mouthshut.com/manishbhangale530
    3. Are you a government Employee?
    Ans: According to Media Sources and your interviews, you are a Simple Human. But your profile says you are a GOV EMP
    Source: https://www.facebook.com/manishbhangalejalgaon
    4. Did you hack PTCL Servers?
    Ans: According to Media Sources and your interviews YES. But if you hacked the server why are you making request to PTCL people to give information?
    Source: Screenshot attached with this Post.
    5. Are you targeting Mr. Khadse or any other political party member through this??
    Ans: According to Media Sources and your interviews NO. “My target is Dawood.” But then why you have call charge details of only Mr. Khadse, and not other numbers that are in the list.
    6. Do you have any connection with any police department or any Cyber Cell in India?
    Ans: According to Media Sources and your interviews NO. But the pic below which we got through Truecaller against your number says “Cyber Officer”
    Source: http://s33.postimg.org/ca9j0qe9b/bhangle.jpg
    7. Did you filled a case against Mumbai Police and Mr. Khadse in Mumbai High Court?
    Ans: According to Media Sources and your interviews YES. Mumbai police is going very slow in the case according to him. Mr. Manish Bhangle why again only name of Mr. Khadse and not other people whose number are in the list. On a reverse lookup of that number we found there are BJP and congress member too in the list. Then why targeting only one from the list and not all.
    8. Was your email id hacked which you used to extract information from PTCL?
    Ans: According to Media Sources and your interviews YES. If you are hacker cant you find who hacked you?? If you can get PTCL data out from their server then why not to search the hacker who hacked your email id? Infact you launched a complaint saying that it was hacked. Are your super powers fluctuating?
    9. Have any other political parties contacted you to remove their name from the list?
    Ans: According to Media Sources and your interviews No. But your tweet says they are in contact with you. Is this the reason to expose only one from the list.
    Source: http://s33.postimg.org/72trwkizz/offer.jpg
    10. Are PTCL people well educated???
    Ans: All documents submitted by mr. manish bhangle have spelling and grammatical errors!!!!.
    Source: Image attached with this post.
    This is not a counter attack against Manish Bhangle nor a defense against any political party. We had technical doubts so raised few questions like mail from a proxy network etc. Just we dont like people mixing Politics and Terrorism. If they are behind the scene they must be punished.

    Via : https://www.facebook.com/Godziila?fref=ts

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    नितीन निमकर

    शेखर पाटील,
    सप्रेम नमस्कार,

    तुमचा वरील ब्लॉग मी एबीपी माझावरती वाचला. तुमचे अभिनंदन. इतके व्यवस्थित आणि तांत्रिकदृष्ट्या व्यवस्थित लिखाण मराठीमधेतरी फारच क्वचित दिसते. यात तुमचे तांत्रिक आणि सर्वसामान्य ज्ञानही उत्तम दिसून येते.

    मागे असेच महाराष्ट्र सरकारच्या आयटी संबंधातील तुघलकी निर्णयासंबंधाने मी काही लिखाण केले होते. त्यावेळी मिडियातील अनेक लोकांनी ते टाळले. मी अगदी व्हीजेटीआयच्या निवृत्त प्राध्यापकांनाही हे दाखवले होते. त्यांना ते कळले होते पण खुलेपणाने सरकारवर तोफ डागायला ते तयार नव्हते.

    असो. परत अभिनंदन.

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    nilesh patil

    अभ्यासपुणॅ विवेचन…आणि हे असेल तर नक्कीच मानहानीचा दावा ठोकायला हवा

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